Rental Process & Policies


  • Book Venue(s)

    Finding a Venue:

    To reserve a space and/or obtain information on availability and rental rates, please contact Diane Roth, Assistant Director of Event Services, at or by calling 303-871-7580. Once you have spoken with Diane, you will be assigned an event manager who will assist you with your insurance, contract, ticketing, and other details.

    Visit the Venues Page.

    When booking a space please consider the following:

    • Your booking start time is when you, your staff and any vendors need to access the venue for any event preparations.
    • Your booking end time is when you, your staff, and any vendors exit the building.
  • Insurance

    Insurance Requirements

    All clients must provide their event manager with a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COLI) that lists the University as additional insured. For a complete description of insurance requirements and verbiage, please review our Exhibit DView a COLI sample.

    NOTE: Your event manager must have a COLI in hand before entering into a contract with your organization.

    Tenant User Liability Policy (TULIP) – Insurance through DU

    If your organization does not have its own insurance, and you are unable to acquire insurance coverage for your event on your own, TULIP is insurance coverage purchased through the University of Denver which meets the insurance requirements put forth by the University’s Risk Management Department. Please inform your event manager that you will be purchasing TULIP.

    Visit the DU Risk Management website for more information about TULIP, obtain a TULIP rate quote, or to purchase TULIP.

  • Certificate of Good Standing

    The NCPA requires that your organization be in good standing with the Secretary of State in order to hold an event at the Newman Center. Your event manager will need to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from whichever state your organization is registered in. Please be aware that some states require a fee to obtain this certificate and your event manager may ask you to supply them with this certificate.

    View a sample Certificate of Good Standing.

    What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

    A Certificate of Good Standing proves that your organization is a legal and real entity registered with the State Government. It provides the Newman Center your legal name which will appear on your contract, and it indicates that your organization has filed all its paperwork in a timely manner with the State. For more information about Colorado Certificates of Good Standing, visit and enter your organization’s legal name.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Marketing materials; i.e. posters, postcards, and other mailings, must be pre-approved by your event manager.

    Marketing Opportunities at the Newman Center

    The Newman Center offers several free and paid marketing opportunities for rental clients. Please contact your event manager for more information.

  • Ticketing Services

    The University of Denver has an exclusive agreement with Paciolan for ticketing services related to all events held in the Newman Center.  Patrons are able to purchase tickets in person and by telephone at the Newman Center Box Office or on the internet at

    Box Office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm, and Saturday, Noon-4pm (September-May).  The Box Office will also open one hour prior to your event and will close 45 minutes after your event begins. Internet sales are available 24 hours a day.

    Please review Exhibit A on our Box Office policies. To set-up ticketing after reviewing Exhibit A, please complete the Ticket Set-up Form and contact Richard Moraskie, Assistant Director of Ticketing Services at or by calling 303-871-7715.

    Download a PDF version of the ticket set-up form.

    NOTE: Tickets go on sale after your contract and deposit have been received and your ticket set-up form has been completed and reviewed.

  • Newman Center Production Services

    Visit the venues page, where you can find CAD drawings and technical packet information for your event venue.

    The Newman Center Production Services team is here to provide you with any and all of the technical needs for your event.  Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable—we are ready to assist you in bringing your event to life here at the Newman Center.  Production Services is dedicated to handling all of your lighting, audio and stage requirements, from lectures to dance to symphonies.

    Please review Exhibit B regarding Production Services, as well as the Newman Center Safety Guidelines, Policies and Procedures Packet. For your technical requests and questions please contact Garret Glass, Assistant Director of Production Services, at or by calling 303-871-7958.

    Please complete and return Exhibit F to your event manager. This document details our Audio and Video Recording policies.

    NOTE:  If you are bringing in an outside Recording Producer (i.e. if you selected Audio Option 1 and/or Video Option 1 in Exhibit F), it is required that you and your recording producer sign a release form along with your contract.

  • Instrument Rentals

    The Newman Center has a harpsichord, a stationary Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt Organ, and a selection of pianos available for rent if your event requires those instruments and you are unable to bring your own (see the list of available instruments below).  All instrument tunings are done through the University.

    For other instrument rental inquiries; i.e., percussion instruments, please contact your event manager for options.

    Note: Pianos are assigned to venues and typically not moved from one space to another. For certain exceptions, please contact your event manager.

    List of instruments available for rent at the Newman Center, organized by venue:

    Gates Concert Hall

    • Steinway Model D, 9 ft concert grand, Serial #472291, 1981
    • Boston Upright Piano, Model UP-118S, 2002


    Spencer Reception Room

    • Upright Piano – Everett Spinet, 1962


    Hamilton Recital Hall

    • Hamburg Steinway, Model D, 9 ft. Concert Grand, Serial # 560823, 2001
    • Hamburg Steinway, Model C, 7′ 5″ Concert Grand, Serial #560777, 2001
    • Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt Organ
    • Made in Berlin, Germany
    • 2,850 total pipes
    • 41 stops, 56 ranks, three manuals (58 keys) and pedal (32keys)


    Williams Recital Salon

    • Boston Grand, Model GP193, 6′ 4″, 2002


    Instrumental Rehearsal Hall

    • Boston Grand, Model GP193, 6′ 4″, 2002


    Vocal Rehearsal Hall

    • Steinway Model D, 9 ft. Concert Grand, Serial #407243, 1968


    Harpsichord: $125

    • Made by Robert L. Wilson in 1979
    • French Double based on the 1770 Pascal Taskin instrument
    • Five octaves FF to f”’
    • Three choirs of strings: 2×8′, 1×4′. Double manual. Transposes A440 or A415
  • Front of House

    If you will be using the June Swaner Gates Concert Hall or the Elizabeth Eriksen Byron Theatre for your event, The Newman Center’s front of house requires the use of experienced ushers for the safety of our patrons in the event of an emergency.  There may also be a requirement of experienced ushers for ticket-taking and to help patrons find their seats at a reserved-seating event.  The required number of these experienced ushers is determined by the Assistant Director for Patron Services.  The venue, the type of ticketing, the number of levels to be used, the time of year, and the number of patrons expected are some of the factors involved in determining the front of house costs.

    If you will be using the Frederic C. Hamilton Family Recital Hall for your event, please discuss house management requirements with the Assistant Director of Patron Services.

    Review Exhibit C on Newman Center House Policies.

    For more information regarding Front of House ushering requirements and costs, please contact Rachel Hargroder at or by calling 303-871-7929.

  • Food & Beverage

    Food and beverages are not permitted within the performance venues.

    Concessions and Bar

    Concessions and/or Bar may be available for your event at no additional charge to you. Food and beverage is charged on a cash only basis to customers.

    Note: When booking Concessions and/or Bar, please consider the size of your audience and the time of day your event will take place.


    If your event is a reception, or will have a pre or post-event reception in conjunction with the main event, notify your event manager and contact Pati Aslett, Director of Flavours Catering by Sodexo at or by phone at 303-871-7727.

    Note: The University of Denver has an exclusive catering contract with Flavours Catering by Sodexo.


    For complete details related to service of alcohol at the Newman Center, please see Newman Center Alcohol Policies and Procedures.

    Arts Liquor License

    The University of Denver, for the purposes of the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, holds an “Arts Liquor License.”  The Arts Liquor License is tied to the physical space of the Newman Center.  Thus, ANY service of alcohol within the Licensed Area in the Newman Center is controlled by the terms of the Arts Liquor License. No one may bring outside alcohol into the Newman Center or serve outside alcohol in the Licensed Area, whether the event is private or not, or whether the liquor is being given away or not.

    No liquor purchased by the Newman Center or served in the Licensed Area of the Newman Center may be taken off the licensed premises, and event organizers must ensure that steps are taken, such as via signage and personnel as appropriate, to prevent attendees from taking alcohol outside the Newman Center.

    The Newman Center reserves the right not to provide liquor service.  The Newman Center reserves the right not to accept donated liquor.  The Newman Center also reserves the right to offer liquor service as part of lobby concessions for shows it deems appropriate.  All expenses and revenue relating to alcohol lobby concessions are the University’s.  Pricing of alcohol and the service thereof is in the exclusive control of the Newman Center.

  • Parking

    Parking is available at the Newman Center Parking Garage – located one block south of Iliff on Wesley between S. University and S. York. A map of the parking garage can be viewed here. The gated section of the garage (LOT P/P4) has a total of 374 stalls plus 9 accessible spaces; this lot acts as the main lot for event parking at the Newman Center.

    There is also an hourly visitor lot (LOT 320) located in the bottom level of the parking garage. Visitors pay a machine $1.50/hr via cash or credit, for a maximum of five hours. Lot 320 has a total of 79 stalls plus 4 accessible spaces.

    Note: To inquire about ordering parking permits for Lot P/P4 for your staff at $8/car per day, or if you would like to inquire about obtaining a code for the hourly lot (LOT 320), please contact your event manager.

    Accessible Information and Parking

    The Newman Center is fully handicap accessible from all entrances, and the parking garage (Lot P/P4) contains accessible parking. There is also a 20 minute drop-off/loading zone on the North side of the building on Iliff Ave.

    “Night Of” Event Parking Options:

    1) Event Parking is $8 per car – cash only.

    2) Cars are counted by an attendant and $8/car is charged to your organization. Many clients who are hosting smaller, private events, in which guests are personally invited, choose to have cars counted and themselves charged for parking, as a favor and convenience to their guests.

    Gates Loading Dock

    If you will need access to our loading dock for equipment set-up needs, contact your event manager to receive a loading dock pass. NOTE: The loading dock is only to be used for equipment vehicles, and may not be used for general staff parking.


    Parking in the neighborhood is not advised, as most side streets have a one-hour parking limit. Please do not park in front of driveways – your vehicle will be towed.

    Please do not park in the lot for the Iliff School of Theology, (on the north side of Iliff Avenue across the street from the Newman Center)

  • Contract & Deposit

    Once your event details have been determined, your event manager will prepare a contract to be reviewed for correct dates and times. Please sign and return the contract and deposit to your event manager within 60 days from the date of the contract.

    Please note that your contract contains additional important details and requirements that are not listed on this website.

    How much is my deposit and when is it due?

    New Clients: 50% of the total Estimate of Expense (EOE) due at time of signing the contract plus the remainder of the EOE ten business days prior to the event.

    Returning Clients: 50% of the total Rental Rate due at time of signing the contract

    NOTE: A fully executed contract must be received prior to the ticket on-sale date (when applicable) and prior to the move-in date.